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Galentine’s Lotto Scratch-Off Card – #SUOC319

I recently made my first ever purse card for a Craft Roulette challenge. One of the other entries by Lauren Taylor – featured a Clueless Movie themed purse that I couldn’t stop obsessing over.

So, for my very first Stampin’ Up Only Challenge #SUOC319, I decided to try my hand at doing a Clueless themed card. I used the Country Bouquet Stamp set & punch – and my home printer to print out a coordinating sentiment. I generally always print out all my sentiments because I like them to be more custom and less generic.

I used 3 different colors of card stock to create the background pattern for the card and packing tape & black acrylic paint to create the scratch-off hearts on the card front. I included a quarter inside (held on with velcro) to scratch off the hearts on the front of the card. In the future, I would probably put the scratch off area inside the card – rather than on the front. But live and learn.

To see the video for how the hearts look when scratched off – visit my Instagram Here.

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